IX Americas Competitiveness Forum

Ing. Miguel Angel Sosa, in his capacity as a member of the IFEES Executive Committee, was invited by the Government of Guatemala in its capacity as President Pro Tempore of the Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC) 2015, the Chamber of Industry of Guatemala (CIG) and Organization of American States (OAS), as Technical Secretariat of the RIAC, to participate in the IX Competitiveness Forum of the Americas (FCA), “Stronger institutions = more competitiveness” which took place from November 16 to 18, 2015 in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The FCA is the largest annual event in the region on the issue of competitiveness, bringing together more than a thousand mainland authorities, regional and extra-regional partners, prestigious business leaders, renowned scholars and entrepreneurs from member countries of the OAS.

The aim of the Forum is to foster political dialogue, knowledge sharing, and the creation of opportunities for cooperation and trade between the leaders of Competitiveness and Economic Development of the Americas. It seeks to find joint solutions to common challenges of the present and looking to the future.

In these spaces of dialogue that facilitates the RIAC, representatives from countries in the public and private sectors meet to analyze the competitive landscape of the Americas, define strategies, to agree and approve the annual work plan strengthening the exchange and collaboration between countries. Members also developed and approved resources that guide regional and national efforts to improve competitiveness.

The RIAC compiles and facilitates the exchange of successful experiences that promote competitiveness in the Americas. The experiences provided by the countries and institutions focus on issues such as education; micro, small and medium enterprises; innovation and technology; infrastructure; etc.

One of the areas for priority action in the RIAC is to support the efforts of regions and localities to become more competitive through the exchange of experiences with other sub-regions, countries and institutions. RIAC has a group of experts on the topic of subnational competitiveness that meet to discuss and define strategies to guide the work of the sub-regions and support the implementation of national and regional forums. As part of the technical assistance provided, the organization of training workshops and support for sub-national competitiveness agendas is offered to provide technical cooperation. A previous example was the case of technical cooperation that was offered to Guatemala by Colombia and Mexico in the reformulation of its commercial code.

Sosa actively participated in various events by special invitation, including:

  • The Annual Meeting of the American Competitiveness Network (RIAC) of Ministers, High Authorities and Competitiveness Councils of the Americas
  • The Annual Meeting of the RIAC of High Authorities on Competitiveness in Central America, coordinated by the Secretariat of Central American Economic Integration (SIECA) and the OAS as Technical Secretariat of the RIAC
  • The Handover Ceremony of the President Pro Tempore of the RIAC to Mexico

Depending on what has been done and the actors involved is very interesting for IFEES to deepen participation in these spaces and even associate IFEES with the RIAC to coordinate our activities and establish new relationships regarding issues closely linked to the development of competitiveness and engineering education. This relationship could also involve the possibility of spreading and promoting IFEES and possibly the association of other entities.